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How do I return my Quick Cut Greens Harvester for repair?
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Below are the steps to take when sending a harvester back to Farmers Friend for repair. If your harvester is having problems and is still under the one-year satisfaction guarantee, parts, labor, and return shipping are under warranty. However, the customer is responsible for costs associated with shipping to Farmers Friend.


The Return Box

To obtain the best price on return shipping, you can use the original box if you still have it. If not, we use a 26in x 20in x 6in box. Something close to this in size will help you keep the return shipping price down. By removing the basket rod retainer plates, you can lay the harvester flat. Please include padding such as a newspaper for protection.


Also, include in the box the completed Work Order Request form which is a downloadable document in the sidebar. 


Once you know the size of your box, write ([email protected]) or call customer service at 931-583-0397 with the dimensions. They will issue you a return shipping label which can be printed off and taped to the box. 


The Repair Process

Once Farmers Friend receives and inspects the harvester, they will contact you with the recommended repairs and total cost. After payment is collected the work will start. Finally, we will ship your Quick Cut Greens Harvester back to you in a great working order. 


What is the average cost of repair?

An average repair cost is $175 with ranges from $70-$300


How long does the repair process take?

The average repair turn around time from when the harvester is received by Farmers Friend is around 3-5 business days plus the time it takes in transit on the way back. 


What is the average cost of shipping?

The average cost of shipping a box the size we recommend within the continental United States is $25.


From time to time a Harvester has been used to such a degree that repairs are no longer able to be performed.  In this case, we will recommend purchasing a new Harvester at a 25% discount.

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