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What might be the cause of a serpentine belt jumping off during operation?
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A belt that jumps off of the pulleys can happen for a couple of reasons. Below is a troubleshooting guide to figure out the reason your belt is malfunctioning. We have started with the most obvious and simple items first. 


Drill is in reverse. Some times, when you have the drill in reverse, it can pop the belt off. In this case, reinstall the belt and see if it works in the forward driving position. 


Improperly routed belt. If the belt is routed improperly, you may find the belt only stays on when you run the drill in reverse. The blade will still cut, but the macrame brush will spin in the wrong direction. The link below can help you properly route the belt. It has pictures attached and a video link as well.


How do I route my belt on the harvester pulleys?


Pulley out of alignment. If the harvester is dropped, an area that can be susceptible to damage is the idler pulley bracket. The picture below can show you how the pulleys should line up and what the bracket looks like. You could try to re-align them, but it is possible the bracket can break off. You would need to send it to our shop and we would make the needed repairs.





Worn pulley. The drive shaft pulley is the most common culprit when it comes to pulleys wearing. These will need to be replaced around 1800 lbs of harvested greens. The groove can wear down and actually split the pulley in half occasionally. The other pulleys can wear down as too, but they have a much higher use case. The drive shaft pulley receives more wear because it receives a more direct load from the rotating drive shaft. The video below can help with this repair. 


How do I replace my drive shaft?


Belt needs replacing. Depending on how the harvester is used and stored, the belt can last around 4000 lbs of greens. The video below can assist with this routine maintenance. 


How do I replace my belt?




As with any machine that has moving parts, routine maintenance is required and can prevent harvesting emergencies. If you need more assistance, please feel free to email pictures and videos to [email protected] and/or call us at 931-583-0397. We are happy to help!

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