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Do you have any discounts available?
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The only discounts we are currently offering are as follows:



1. Free shipping on any number of Caterpillar tunnels*

2. Free shipping on freight orders of $2500 or more*

3. Free shipping on parcel orders of $250 or more (excludes items with weight or length restrictions)

4. $250 discount on orders to Canada that have two or more Caterpillar tunnels or orders that exceed $2500

5. Current/ Former Military discount of 5% on all products.   Call Customer Service at 931-583-0397 & provide email & DoD (Dept of Defense) ID number (Do NOT request a copy since it is illegal) & send discount email to customer.

6. 10% discount to all orders picked up at the Farmers Friend facility.

7. JM Masterclass attendees receive a FREE Harvester parts kit.  Call 931-583-0397 to receive the discount.


*Note: Numbers two and three do NOT apply outside of the contiguous United States or to islands.

**Note: Multiple discounts may NOT be added together.  Only the greatest discount will added to an order.

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