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This is my first time importing freight (Caterpillar Tunnel or its Accessories), what do I need to know?
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Once you have received your invoice including your special freight quote, please complete the steps below. Note, it is required that the customer obtain a customs broker or communicate that they will be self-brokering before completing the purchase.


Step 1. Set up a Customs Broker account. You will need to send the following information to [email protected]Broker Name, Contact Name, Phone, Fax, and Email.


They will charge you for their services but will get your shipment across the border efficiently. As applicable, you will pay them the associated duties, tariffs, customs, or taxes plus their service fee. 


Customs Broker Recommendations:

Border Buddy--
Garden City Customs--
King Bros Limited--


Note 1: If you live close to the US border and wish to pick it up in the US and act as your own broker, please notify us at the time of order. Freight forwarders can be useful in this situation. Just conduct a web search for "freight forwarders near me" and select one.  


Note 2: Canadians will need a special Heat Treated Pallet to pass customs. Otherwise, it could be held up in quarantine. We will provide the pallet. 


Step 2. We will provide USMCA agreement paperwork (for Canada) and Commercial Invoices for your order when it is picked up from our facility. Copies will be emailed to the company or individuals responsible for clearing your shipment through customs and to the freight carrier.


Helpful Information to set up your account with Customs Broker


HTS Codes-Harmonization Tariff Codes:
Caterpillar Tunnel Harmonization Tariff Code 9406.90.0010-
Quick Cut Greens Harvester Harmonization Tariff Code—8433590010 1503 HarvesterParts Kit—8433905045 
Caterpillar Tunnel Parts 9406.90.0030 

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