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May I Buy from the Manufacturer if My Local Distributor is Out Of Stock
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From time to time the USA or local to you distributor will be out of stock of a Farmers Friend product.  What should a customer do?  We are going to ask you to please be patient with your local distributor and order through them.


To understand our answer, let's first understand the process.  Farmers Friend makes agreements with distributors concerning what will be sold through their company.  For example, if we have a distributor of Quick-Cut Harvesters in Russia, then all Harvester orders in that country will be sent to the Russian distributor.  In the event the Russian distributor is out of stock we would ask customers to be patient with them until they receive more Harvesters.  The reason we are asking you to order through your local distributor is because have we entered into a binding contract with the distributor that we want to honor.  But, we also greatly value their partnership and want to continue to instill trust between us and we believe this process helps that goal.  This principle applies to any products that a Farmers Friend distributor sells.

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