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What are the shipping weights and dimensions of your silage tarp?

**Silage Tarp Size** **Weight** **Shipping Dimensions** 24’ x 105’ 61 lbs 46” x 9” x 9” 32’ x 105’ 83 lbs 60” x 9” x 9” 40’ x 105’ 99 lbs 70” x 9” x 9” 50’ x 105’ 124 lbs 86” x 9” x 9”

What is your silage tarp made of?

The material make up of our silage tarp (Polydress Silopro 120) is Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). It does not contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). For more information download the attached spec sheet. The spec sheet does not address the material made, but their [website][1] does. ![][2] [1]: http://www.rkw-group…

Could I cut or burn holes in silage tarp and use it instead of ground cover?

This is not a recommended practice in uncovered fields for the following reasons: 1. Silage tarp is not permeable like ground cover. Therefore restricting the flow of air and water. This leads to soil borne plant disease. 2. Related to reason number one, water will pool up and create foliar borne plant disease. …

What is the thickness of your silage tarp?

Farmers Friend carries a 5 mil silage tarp. We decided to carry this thickness because we found it to be more durable than the 4 mil plastics. Also, when compared to a 6 mil silage tarp, the level of durability did not justify the extra cost in price. The 5 mil silage tarp is a solid choice with good life expectancy …

How can I eradicate rhizomatic weeds like Nut Sedge, etc.?

We only know of five ways to remove rhizomatically spreading grasses. 1. Chemicals 2. Hand weeding 3. Pigs 4. Aggressive tilling for 5-6 months 5. Silage Tarp for 1-2 years In the short term (2-8 weeks) The silage tarp will kill the tops, but not eradicate the tuber roots of rhizomatically spreading grasses. In…

Is the silage tarp UV treated on both sides?

Yes, it is double side treated with UV inhibitors. This extends the life beyond even other less expensive tarps from Lowes etc. that contain less UV treatment.

How many sand bags will I need to hold the silage tarp in place?

Below are the sand bag count recommendations based on tarp size. The spacings are one bag every five feet on the perimeter and ten bags down the middle: 24x100=60 bags 32x100=64 bags 40x100=66 bags 50x100=70 bags If your area is not windy, you may be able to get away with less. Sandbag weight averages 10-15 poun…

What is the difference between black silage tarps and clear plastic in weed management, or occultation and solarization?

Occultation is the practice of "covering the ground with an object like a tarp such that light cannot [fuel plant growth]...usually several weeks. This results in the death of the plants and their residues being mostly consumed by worms, fungi and other organisms involved in decomposition. Such that when the covering …

Why is one side of the silage tarp black and the other white?

The short answer--silage tarp is a borrowed technology where white side up and black side down is used to prevent spoilage or breakdown of silage. Market gardeners generally use the black side up to encourage breakdown and assimilation of cover crops or green manures and suppress weeds. However, white side up could …

How long will my silage tarp last?

Our UV treated silage tarps are rated for 365 sunny days on both sides. This can help you evaluate how long it will last in your context. To extend the life of the tarp, it is recommended to fold them up and store them out of the weather when not in use.

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