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How can I eradicate rhizomatic weeds like Nut Sedge, etc.?
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We only know of five ways to remove rhizomatically spreading grasses. 


1. Chemicals

2. Hand weeding 

3. Pigs

4. Aggressive tilling for 5-6 months

5. Silage Tarp for 1-2 years 


In the short term (2-8 weeks) The silage tarp will kill the tops, but not eradicate the tuber roots of rhizomatically spreading grasses. 


In theory, the Pyroweeder could function as a way to eradicate rhizomatic tubers in the same way that aggressive tilling and silage tarp do. 


Aggressive tilling kills the tubers but destroys the microbiology that will eventually recover. The Pyroweeder requires fuel costs and time. The best solution, if the land can be spared, is silage tarp. It is cheap passive labor. 


There is no easy, quick, and cheap way to eradicate rhizomatically spreading grasses.


Basic List of Common Rhizomatically Spreading Grasses

Couch Grass

Creeping Charlie

Horse Tails

Nut Sedge

Stinging Nettle

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