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Why is my Pyroweeder dropping pressure?

Typically this is due to one of two reasons. Either a QCC flow restriction has happened, which can be cleared, or there is a faulty part which we will replace. Below are the steps to clear a QCC flow restriction. 1. Close the tank valve. 2. Disconnect the assembly from tank. 3. Open the brass control valve. …

What is the BTU output?

The BTU output on the 30" Pyroweeder is 300,000 BTU’s at 25 psi (60,000 BTU's per burner) and 480,000 on the 48" model. This can provide you with a general idea as BTU output is multifactorial.

Where can I get a manual for the Pyroweeder?

The most up-to-date Pyroweeder manual can be found [here][1]. [1]:

What are the dimension comparisons between the 30 inch and 48 inch Pyroweeders?

Below is a dimensional comparison of the 30" and 48" Pyroweeders and possible combinations with associated costs. 30" Wheel base range: 31-36” (Inside to inside of wheel) 48" Wheel base range: 42-54” (Inside to inside of wheel) 30” is a 5 Burner Manifold 48” is an 8 Burner Manifold

What is the PyroWeeders function in weed management?

Flame weeding has been used for many decades, particularly in organic farming situations for pre-emergent weed control in carrots and other slow-germinating row crops, but also for general weed management on hard surfaces in urban areas. Best results are obtained when follow-up weed control is undertaken 4-6 weeks af…

Should I be concerned about the pyroweeder melting my tunnel?

Yes. However, take care around the edges and end of tunnel. One way to mitigate this concern is to roll up sides if possible or place plywood as a heat barrier.

Can I use the Pyroweeder in a Caterpillar Tunnel or hoop house?

Yes. Ventilation is recommended. It will get steamy hot inside and fumes will need to be vented. A final caveat is care around the edges and end of tunnel. One way to mitigate this concern is to roll up the sides and place plywood as a heat barrier on the ends.

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