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How long is the shade cloth rated to last?

Our manufacturer (Dewitt) states that this material is rated for 5-8 years of full sun exposure. Most farmers do not use shade cloth 365 days a year, so the life expectancy extends through multiple seasons.

What Percentage of Shade Cloth Should I Use?

Factors that affect the percentage of shade needed are local climate and crop needs. The most universal and general way to estimate local climate is with the [USDA plant hardiness zones][1]. This is based on averages and may not be reflective of your actual needs. Generally, other growers in your area may be the best …

What kind of temperature drop can be expected as a result of using the shade cloth?

Unfortunately, we don't have any data that can tell us that information. Some informal information in regards to the heavier percentages (70-80%) have shown an approximate 15 degree change, but again that is not a lab test, just reported information. Therefore, if I had to estimate the approximated degree change from…

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