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Should I take my tunnel down in winter if not in use?

From time to time customers ask about tunnel maintenance in the winter when it is not being used for growing. This is a great question and the short answer is "it depends on your location and how much you want to work." Let's explain... _**LEAVING THE TUNNEL UP**_ There are several reasons why leaving a growing tunn…

Will a combination heat and a/c unit work with the CoolBot?

The air conditioners that have both heat and cool modes only heat at 60°F and above. They do not switch from cooling to heating automatically. One solution that CoolBot has found is to buy a little heater (buy the blower type, not the radiant type) like the Lasko Ceramic Heater or the Pelonis ceramic heater. Plug it …

What kind of temperature increase can be expected as a result of using the frost protection?

The .6 oz offers 2-4 degrees F of protection and transmits 80% light. The 1 oz offers 4-7 degrees F of protection and transmits 70% light. All of this is a single layer and does not calculate additional layers. Rows covers are a sun run system. Therefore, when the temps are above plant tolerances, it is important to …

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