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What is your ground cover made of?

The material make up of our ground cover is Polypropylene (PP). It does not contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). For more information download the attached spec sheet.

What are your hole burning patterns?

We currently offer three different hole burning patterns in only our 4’x300’. All holes are three inches in diameter. One row down the center with 12” between holes. One row down the center with 18” between holes. Four rows with 6" offset spacing from center. See attached document for pictures on the 6" offset pat…

How can I burn holes in my own ground cover?

Step one is to create a template from half inch plywood with your hole pattern. This will require a tape measure, pencil, drill, and 2”- 3” hole saw. Step two is to obtain a torch. Step three is to secure your plastic on the bed. Step four is to position your template on the fabric and commence burning. Step five …

How long will the ground cover last?

The ground cover will last a minimum of 5 years fully exposed. While this is its guarantee, it is not uncommon to see 10-15 years of life from this product.

Could I cut or burn holes in silage tarp and use it instead of ground cover?

This is not a recommended practice in uncovered fields for the following reasons: 1. Silage tarp is not permeable like ground cover. Therefore restricting the flow of air and water. This leads to soil borne plant disease. 2. Related to reason number one, water will pool up and create foliar borne plant disease. …

What is the difference between the 3.2oz and 5oz ground cover?

The 3.2oz is referred to as ground cover and the 5oz is referred to as a weed barrier. The 3.2 oz is made to withstand UV rays and lasts longer in the direct sunlight. The 5oz is meant to be covered with rock or mulch. For more information please review the spec sheets below. _**Note:** Farmers Friend does not sell …

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