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Why Is Farmers Friend Charging Sales Tax in Some States When They Previously Did Not?

The simple answer is that once we reach a specified level of sales in a state, we are required by law to pay sales tax on items sold to customers in that state. We are simply charging sales tax in order to comply with these requirements. The longer answer stems from the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision on June 21, 20…

In What States Does Farmers Friend Charge Sales Tax?

This is an evolving list because of state regulations, but we currently charge tax in the following states: 1. Arizona 2. Arkansas 3. Colorado 4. Florida 5. Georgia 6. Idaho 7. Illinois 8. Indiana 9. Kansas 10. Kentucky 11. Louisiana 12. Maine 13. Maryland 14. Massachusetts 15. Michigan…

Do you offer sales tax exemption?

Yes. Simply email us a copy of your tax exemption certificate to [email protected]. Once we've applied your certificate to your account, we will send you a verification email and all future purchases will automatically be tax-exempt. *Please do not place your order until you have received a tax exemption veri…

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