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What Size and Designs are offered?

We offer 2 designs. One is the 8.5-inch Offset Grid. The other is a 18-inch Single Row. Both have 3" pre-punched holes. The rolls are 4 foot in width, and 300' long. ![][1] [1]:…

What are the dimension comparisons between the 30 inch and 48 inch Pyroweeders?

Below is a dimensional comparison of the 30" and 48" Pyroweeders and possible combinations with associated costs. 30" Wheel base range: 31-36” (Inside to inside of wheel) 48" Wheel base range: 42-54” (Inside to inside of wheel) 30” is a 5 Burner Manifold 48” is an 8 Burner Manifold

Can I make the tunnel wider or more narrow?

There is a firm but comfortable stretch of six inches (.2m) on each side of the 14’ (4.3m) width. Making the tunnel capable of 13’6” and 14’6” (4.1m-4.4m). It can be pulled outside of these parameters, but it is not a recommended practice by Farmer’s Friend.

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