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What are the shipping dimensions and weight of your Quick Cut Greens Harvester?

The harvester ships in a box that is 26in x 20in x 6in (66cm x 51cm x 15.5cm) and weighs 10 lbs (4.5 kg). More information can be found at the link below: [ harvester/specs][1] [1]:…

When and How To Clean Your Tunnel Plastic

Depending on the placement of your tunnel, you may need to clean your tunnel plastic every so often. This is pretty simple but will require a bit of "elbow grease” if you are removing sap, dirt, or algae. However, there are a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a method of cleaning. **Do not use blea…

How do I use the Knife and Tool Sharpener to sharpen my Harvester blade?

You can visit our Farmer's Friend YouTube channel and watch a video on this topic [here][1]. [1]:

What maintenance is recommended?

Please refer to pages 9-11 of the Quick Cut Greens Harvester Manual which can be downloaded [here][1]. [1]:

How wide is the harvester?

The Quick Cut Greens Harvester has a cut path of approximately 15 inches and the dimensions for model 1503 are as follows: * Brush width 16 inches * Basket Area 18 inches * Blade 18 inches

How do I replace the drive shaft?

Please see the video below at the Farmer's Friend LLC YouTube channel. [Drive Shaft Replacement][1] [1]:

How often will I need to replace parts on the Quick Cut Greens Harvester?

The answer to this question varies, but below is a customer report that can give you an idea of how often and what parts need replaced. Their average amount of harvested greens per week is 500 lbs (225 kg). **Part** **Pounds** **Kilograms** Drive Shaft Pulley 1800 800 Serpentine Belt 4000 1800 Connecting Rod …

How does your harvester work with microgreens and wheatgrass?

We have customers who use our harvester with the quick stand attachment for microgreens and wheat grass on small and large scales. Below are some videos of the quick stand in action. [Steadfast Farms][1] [Curtis Stone][2] [Quick Stand Tutorial][3] By the way, we offer a one year satisfaction guarantee on the Harv…

How do I sharpen the blade?

Here is the [link][1] on how to sharpen the Quick Cut Greens Harvester blades. [1]:

How often will I need to sharpen/replace the blades?

There are many variables to take into consideration: * Product Amount/Type * Harvester Skill Level * Care and Maintenance We have some customers who never change a blade in a season and some need our 5 piece blade pack or more. It really depends upon the circumstances of your individual farm. With a goo…

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