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What is Farmer's Friend return policy?

You can always view an up to date copy of our returns and exchange policy [here][1]. [1]:

How do I replace the drive shaft?

Please see the video below at the Farmer's Friend LLC YouTube channel. [Drive Shaft Replacement][1] [1]:

How often will I need to replace parts on the Quick Cut Greens Harvester?

The answer to this question varies, but below is a customer report that can give you an idea of how often and what parts need replaced. Their average amount of harvested greens per week is 500 lbs (225 kg). **Part** **Pounds** **Kilograms** Drive Shaft Pulley 1800 800 Serpentine Belt 4000 1800 Connecting Rod …

Determine Harvester Model & Supporting Older Ones

When getting replacement parts you'll need to know what model you have to get the correct part. The steps below can help you determine what model you have. **NOTE**: Five years from the last manufactured unit of a model is when limited support is initiated. Limited support means no unique parts will be manufactured. …

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